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FAA Part 135 On-demand Air Carrier Operations
Dear Friends,Heritage Flight Academy is in the process of completing the Part 135 Air-Carrier Certification Process with the FAA for "On-demand Air Carrier Operations."  Charter service to/from many popular Northeast destinations including;Westchester County Airport,Morristown,John F. Kennedy Airport,La Guardia Airport,West Hampton,East Hampton,Montauk,Block...
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Flight Simulator Training
Flight Simulator Training: "Essential for Success!"The Flight Simulator allows Heritage Flight Academy students learn the necessary instrument techniques on the ground and then practice them in the airplane.The Redbird SD is a fully enclosed Advanced Aviation Training Device.  At Heritage Flight...
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Logging Pilot in Command Time
In both a practical and legal sense, only one pilot may act as PIC for any given flight. However, there are situations where a pilot can log PIC time while not acting as pilot in command. “One of the biggest...
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