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Airlines battle growing pilot shortage that could reach crisis levels in a few years
It's a great time to be studying to be pilot. Just ask Madison Wolf who has only a year of training left at the Metro State University of Denver."I've seen even just in the few years that I've been at...
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$129 Introductory Flight Lesson
Let's go Flying in 2017!Heritage Flight Academy is happy to announce that it will not raise the rate of the hour long Introductory Flight Lesson. "Other flight school charge $250 dollars or more for an introductory flight lesson says Neil...
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Logging Pilot in Command Time
In both a practical and legal sense, only one pilot may act as PIC for any given flight. However, there are situations where a pilot can log PIC time while not acting as pilot in command. “One of the biggest...
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Heritage Flight Academy & Vaughn: Career Training Partners
Heritage Flight Academy and Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology partnered in 2012 to provide excellence in the field of flight training and aeronautical knowledge to foster safe, competent future professional pilots.  Students earn the Aircraft Operations Bachelor of Science...
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