Part 141 vs Part 61 Flight Training

Flight schools come in two basic varieties, Part 61 and Part 141, which refer to the parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) under which they operate. The main factors that differentiate Part 141 Schools from Part 61 Schools are primarily matters of structure and accountability. Your decision to choose a flight school and type of training is a very important step. Our admissions department is available to help you sort through the options and will assist in creating a flight program best suited to help your safe time and money.

Expert Instruction and Quality Customer Service are what HFA Does Best.

From our instructors and ground crew all the way to administrative personnel, Heritage Flight Academy is proud of the quality and competence of all of its employees. Heritage Flight Academy was founded on the principle of keeping the dream of flight alive. At HFA we make that dream come true in a safe, professional and fun environment.

Our Founder believes that flying is something you’re born to do. We have always felt that flying: “chooses you” and all you have to do is give in and answer the call. And that’s for everyone who has ever wanted to learn how to fly. Everyone that we encounter has at some point in their lives wanted to fly or been attracted to anything that soars, hovers, glides, flies or “blasts off!”

At Heritage Flight Academy you will connect not only with everything that modern flight instruction has to offer but with aviation since its conception. You will be immersed in the romance and fun of flight as well as in the necessary mechanics of flight. From Orville and Wilbur to the Spirit of St. Louis to Amelia to the Space Shuttle you will share in the dream and become a true part of aviation history when you earn your wings as a private pilot; nothing compares to it.

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